Love is usually a close this article, although are dating sites worth it spending money on online dating service

While in real life this step is practically impossible to implement (even for the best seducer), in online dating sites, all this is possible: before going “on the attack”, in fact, just give a careful reading to all the information contained in the profile of the woman you intend to contact and that’s it. This is an operation that many aspiring seducers omit instead of doing, focusing solely (and wrongly!) On the aesthetic aspect, that is, only on viewing the photos in the profile. Don’t make this mistake too! In seduction, on the other hand, the very first contact is the most important of all, because it is what will determine, in the woman, the desire to answer you or not, and therefore to continue chatting, up to the eventual live meeting. . In other words: never waste the first cartridge. Shoot it the best you can! From this point of view, the language itself that is used in the very first contact is also very important: be as friendly as possible (no SMS language), and above all, “grammatically” correct. Women hate ignorant men!

Although online seduction, for a variety of reasons, is undoubtedly easier to put into practice than in real life, sometimes, even on an online dating site, approaching a woman may not be as easy as it was believed. This happens especially with the prettiest or most charming women. In fact, due to the many requests they are generally subject to, these are becoming more and more selective and do not hesitate for a moment to eliminate the contact of anyone who is not of interest to them. Being able to strike up a conversation with these types of women, therefore, can sometimes be quite complicated. But it’s not impossible anyway. The golden rule, in this sense, is to immediately arouse his curiosity, with phrases that are as trivial as possible: “hello, you’re cute”, “where are you from?”, “How’s life?”, Are examples of icebreaker phrases that many women hate, because they receive dozens of times a day! On the contrary, you have to use your brain, and ask questions that, hardly, other users will have already asked you: “what a beautiful dress you are wearing in the photo”, “congratulations for the elegance”, or “where are you in the profile photo you have published ”, are phrases that could work (or that are worth trying anyway. They are certainly better than a very banal“ hello, how cute you are! ”). These, of course, want to be just examples: you will have to be the one, from time to time, to squeeze your brains out and to come up with something original to say, based on the photos and / or information contained in the profile of the woman you want to contact. . The important thing, besides being as original as possible, is also to be extremely polite, and if possible, funny (women love men who make them laugh!). By following these simple tips, you will be able to “flush out” even the most difficult women, and to emerge among the fierce competition that every single man or guy who wants to approach women on an online dating site must undergo. In the end, however, we must not forget that, regardless of their seduction skills, it is women who are the relentless judges of each approach. They are the ones who choose! This concept, on the other hand, also holds true in real life approaches, and you absolutely have to accept it. Therefore, always be mentally prepared to accept with total serenity any possible two of spades you will take, and continue in your seduction efforts, without ever letting yourself down.

Among the many online dating sites available on the Internet, the serious dating sites are, without a doubt, the ones that collect the highest acclaim among the people. In fact, meeting sites of this type enjoy a better reputation overall, and consequently inspire greater trust. But above all, they perfectly satisfy a need that affects tens of thousands of people all over the world: to find a soul mate, or love with a capital A, the person with whom to share the rest of one’s life.

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